Easter Blessings to our St. Patrick Family!...."Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and Hallelujah is our song." ~ Pope John Paul II

Weekly Information

We have three main ways that provide information to our parents. These are this website, the Wednesday folder, and Option C.

St. Patrick School Website:  This provides the most information relating to programs, organizations, and staff.  Please take time to navigate through the specific areas to gain an understanding of our school.

Wednesday Folder:  The  Wednesday folder goes home almost every Wednesday with each school family.  This contains the latest news and information with the focus on upcoming events, news, and school activities.  It is important that each family reads all of the information in the weekly folder.

Option C:  Option C is the Grading, homework, and long term informational site that is utilized by every Catholic School in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This contains information for a child’s individual assessments and progress.  Each family needs a password to access their child’s personal information.  In addition, contained on this site are long-term yet extremely important messages such as how school cancellations and delays take place, when certain deadlines are for school related fund raisers, and the process for informing the school when your child will be absent from school.  Each school has their own Option C component thus our messages and information are related to St. Patrick School only.

GIFT CARDS FOR EDUCATION are available after Mass and in the school cafeteria at 8:00 AM.  More Information is available on our Web Site by clicking here