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Unicycle – Uniform Program

St. Patrick School offers a “gently used” uniform program, which is called Unicycles.

The way the program works is that school families donate gently used uniforms to the school.  These uniforms are then resold for a small profit for the school.  The school families receive the largest benefit, as there are many items that are returned in excellent condition.  In fact, many items still have store tags on them.

The program coordinator gathers all of the donated items, sorts them and handles the sale of the items.

Items can be donated to the school at any time by simply dropping them off at the school office.  Likewise, these items can be purchased throughout the year.

The following is a current price list of Unicycle items:

  • pants ($3)
  • shorts ($2)
  • skorts or skirts ($3)
  • shirts ($1)
  • jumpers ($5)
  • sweaters ($5)
  • unisex gym uniforms=shorts($2), T-shirts($1), sweatshirts($3),
  • hoodies ($5)

Please note that we do not have every item in every size!

Please call the school at 724-745-7977 for current Unicycle information. 🙂