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Gift Card Program

(Also referred to as: SCRIP OR SHOPPER’S CLUB)

Our Gift Card Program benefits our school by selling Gift Cards from participating businesses. There is no additional cost to the consumer.  All the profits come directly from the vendors.  This plan is for you to use these Cards for your everyday purchases in place of cash.  This is a  program for Parents/Guardians to earn money for their child(ren)”s  tuition and for our school at the same time.


Parents/Guardians and Friends can choose from a long list of retailers – groceries, gas, restaurants, and online shopping.  The buyer pays Face Value for the Gift Cards and the retailer donates a percentage to our program.  Tuition Credits are calculated and deducted after every 9-week school period.

The school keeps a box of the most popular Gift Cards to be purchased at any time.  Included are some of the following: Giant Eagle, Shop & Save, Walmart (Sam’s Club), fast food & area restaurants, gas stations, and other stores such as Target, Tanger, T.J. Maxx, etc.  Large orders are placed every Monday  and to be available no later than Friday.


Cards can be purchased in the school cafeteria in the mornings until 8:30 (on days school is in session)

Order Forms will be sent home monthly in the Wednesday Folder and are available in the church wall pockets.  Order Forms with your check can be returned to school in an envelope marked ‘Gift Card Order’.  Checks are payable to SPSC.  Cards may be sent home with your child or picked up in the School Office.  Can also purchase cards Online.

Download the 2017-2018 Gift Cards for Education order form here.

If you have any questions or special orders/requests, please contact

Jeana Feehery at 412-489-2418 or email at jeanafeehery@gmail.com

Instructions for Ordering cards Online

  1. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com
  2. Click Register, then join SCRIP Program
  3. St. Patrick Enrollment Code – C954534B855
  4. Once account has been made, click Presto Pay under Dashboard, Family Functions
  5. Enter your information on the Secured Site
  6. SCRIP will deposit 2 amounts into your bank account. Enter these amounts in the Presto Pay registration to verify your account.
  7. You will receive an email with an approved code to activate your account.

 The Order Form lists the most popular gift cards available for purchase.  A complete list of retailers can be found at www.shopwithscrip.com



Below is a listing of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Gift Cards For Education program:

  1. How do I earn Tuition Credit for Gift Cards For Education purchases?

The profit is split 50/50 between purchasers and the school. Each time a Gift Card is purchased, it is entered into the computer. Cards earning a higher percentage will naturally yield a higher credit.

  1. Can anyone purchase Gift Cards For Education?

YES!!! Encourage your Family and friends to purchase Gift Cards For Education. All that is needed is for your family name to be used for which the credit is to be applied!

  1. Can I donate my “credits”?

If a family opts to not receive a Tuition Credit, they may certainly donate their credits. Credits may be donated to another family in the school, the Angel Fund, or directly back to St. Patrick School. Families donating their credit may apply this amount toward Annual Donations on their Income Tax.

  1. I prepay my tuition. What happens to my credits?

Credits earned may either be applied to the following year’s tuition or donated. Should you have any questions, comments or require additional information, please feel free to contact the school or Mrs. Turk at the rectory (Business Office – 724-745-6560).