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Gift Cards For Education

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Gift Cards For Education is simply the purchase of gift certificates used to pay for all your shopping needs.  There is no additional cost to you the consumer.  All our profits come directly from the vendors.  The plan is to use certificates for your everyday purchases in place of cash.

The reason for the effectiveness of Gift Cards For Education is simple: families produce revenue by making purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with Gift Cards For Education. An organization of 150 families easily spends between one and two million dollars per year on food, clothing and other essentials. If these families use Gift Cards For Education for these purchases, they can raise as much as $40,000 to $80,000 per year for their organization –without spending an additional penny!!! We currently stock a wide variety of vendors; and special orders are made weekly. A complete listing is available at the Shopper’s Club desk, available online by clicking here or feel free to ask for a complete listing! Please note, Gift Cards For Education orders cannot be placed on-line directly with glscrip. However, you can place on-line orders with the St. Patrick Gift Cards For Education desk.


Below is a listing of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Gift Cards For Education program:

1. How do I earn tuition credit for Gift Cards For Education purchases?

Tuition credits begin to accrue after a family has satisfied the initial HSA $100 requirement. Afterwards, the profit is split 50/50 between purchasers and the HSA. Each time a certificate is purchased, it is entered into the computer. Certificates earning a higher percentage will naturally yield a higher credit.

2. Can anyone purchase Gift Cards For Education?

Yes! Family and friends can purchase Gift Cards For Education. All that is needed is the family name for which the credit is to be applied!

3. How are credit card transactions handled?

We would like to make purchasing Gift Cards For Education as easy and convenient for everyone as possible. To make a credit card purchase, simply fill out a paper order form including your credit card number and expiration date. Your order
will then be filled. A copy of your order form along with the Customer Copy of the receipt will be returned to you when the credit card transaction is processed. Once your credit card number and expiration date are on file with the Gift Cards For Education
desk either by a paper order or be registering it directly with them) you can then use the on-line order form also.

4. Are there any fees incurred when using the credit card machine?

Yes there is a 6% fee that is incurred by the school when making purchases by credit card.  That is why it would be great if you used Cash or Checks for the transactions. No surcharge will be assessed on cash/check transactions. “How do we continue to pay tuition credits on credit card transactions when the Gift Cards For Education program is charged for a percentage of the total sale?” The Gift Cards For Education program would be losing money on any certificate earning a percentage of 5% or less. Therefore if the percentage earned is less than 6%, then the difference will be taken off your next percentage that earns more than the 6% needed to cover the cost of credit card processing.

5. Can I donate my “credits”?

If a family opts to not receive a tuition credit, they may certainly donate their credits. Credits may be donated to another family in the school, the Angel Fund, Choir, CCD/Religious Education, General Fund, or directly back to St. Patrick School. Families donating their credit may apply this amount toward Annual Donations on their Income Tax.

6. I prepay my tuition. What happens to my credits?

Credits earned may either be applied to the following year’s tuition or donated. Should you have any questions, comments or require additional information, please feel free to contact Lisa Fleissner (alias Lisa Thompson) by clicking here .

Click here to download the Shopping Certificate Order Form.