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Protecting Gods Children Workshops

All volunteers over the age of 18 who wish to help out at School functions, all School and Parish Organizations: School, Religious Education, Choir, Festival, Fish Fry, etc., MUST register.  You will NOT be able to volunteer for school or parish related functions unless you meet the requirements listed below.  We value all of our volunteers and are committed to providing support to ensure that we meet this requirement and ensure a safe environment for our children.


The following checklist is a list of requirements for all school volunteers who are 18 years or older:

**Effective 2016, all existing and NEW volunteers are required to also complete the Mandated Reporter certification and FBI clearance/waiver.  Below is the information for this additional clearance.**

Protecting God’s Children (Virtus®) Training

Volunteers are required to complete Protecting God’s Children (Virtus®) at either a Diocesan sponsored class or through the Virtus®online training course.  A certificate of completion must be forwarded to the safe environment coordinator, school principal or catechetical administrator.  Information about live classes offered throughout the Diocese and online training can be accessed through the Diocesan website at:  www.diopitt.organd clicking on Protecting God’s Children Workshop link.

Diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct

Volunteers are to receive, to be oriented in, and to return the signed “Acknowledgement of Receipt” page from, the diocesan Code of Pastoral Conduct.

Mandated Reporter and Child Protective Services Law 

All volunteers are to receive, to be oriented in, and to return the signed “Acknowledgement of Receipt” page from, the diocesan Reporting of Child Abuse and the Child Protective Services Law brochure.

Mandated Reporter Training For Mandated Reporters

The following individuals are designated under Pennsylvania law as mandated reporters must complete either live classes offered through the Diocese or the online Mandated and Permissive Training Course offered by the University of Pittsburgh within 90 days of commencement of service:

►  All school volunteers

► All other volunteers who are responsible for the welfare of a child or have regular contact with children

Appendix D: Individuals Required to Obtain Online Manadatory Reporter Training by Ministry (Includes the equivalent of these positions)

Altar server – Adult

Athletic coach/volunteer

Bus driver

Cafeteria worker

Catechetical administrator


Catechist aid

Catholic committee on scouting leader/volunteer


All Clergy and Religious

• Deacon-permanent/transitional

• Diocesan bishops

• Diocesan priest incardinated in the Diocese and on assignment or retired in the Diocese

• Diocesan priest not incardinated in the Diocese, on assignment or in residence in the Diocese

• Seminarians

• Religious men and women on assignment in the Diocese

Childcare giver (e.g. cry room, pre-/afterschool program, babysitter, etc.)

Music ministry staff, paid and volunteer

Parish nurse

Parish safe environment coordinator

Parish social minister

Pastoral associate/minister

Pastoral healthcare minister

Playground monitor

Preschool administrator/aid

Sacristan trainer – youth altar servers and/or lectors

School volunteers

School employees

Youth ministry volunteers

1) Diocesan Database Application
2) PA State Police Criminal Record Check
3) Child Abuse Clearance
4) Code of Pastoral Conduct
5) Attendance at a Protecting God’s Children Workshop

If you have questions or need to make arrangements to fulfill any of the above requirements, which are mandated by the Diocese of Pittsburgh for all volunteers in the parishes and schools within our Diocese, call Carol Serbak at 724.745.3787.  It is required by law to file an application in order to continue to participate as a volunteer in our School activities.  Applications can be completed online or can be found at all the entrances of the Church.  You DO NOT need to put your Social Security Number or your Driver’s License Number on the written or online application.  If you do not have computer or internet access or need help with the application, please call Carol Serbak at the Religious Education Office 724.745.3787.  The Diocese will be providing the Pennsylvania State Police Clearance beginning December 1, 2008.

Clearance Applications  Each applicant is required to fill-out the following three applications.  Two of the applications gives you the option to apply online, or by mail.

Diocese Online Database Application – Click Here
Diocese Database Application – PDF

State Police Online Criminal Record Check – Click Here
State Police Criminal Record Check Form SP4-164 – PDF 

Child Abuse Clearance Form CY-113 – PDF


All parishioners who have received their Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Clearances, either printed online or received through the mail, are asked to please bring them to the Religious Education Office or Rectory.  A copy will be made, recorded in the database and placed in the file. Please do so as soon as you receive the clearances.

If you have any questions, please call the Religious Education Office at 724.745.3787.
Thank you.