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Attendance Policies


The Pennsylvania Public School code addresses compulsory attendance and is required by all children of compulsory school age.  The state places on parents the responsibility for student attendance and assigns enforcement responsibility to the schools.  St. Patrick School will apply this policy to all students in school- those who attend by state law or those who attend by choice must follow the regulations.

It is the responsibility of each parent to send his child(ren) to school to attend all classes daily, on time, and participate in class activities and discussions.

To affect conscientious participative student attendance, thereby assuring the opportunity for continuity of instruction and development of responsible behavior, this policy has been set forth to administer the attendance statutes of the state.


Students who are absent from school must bring an excuse card (3×5 preprinted card) signed by a parent stating the reason for absence.  This excuse must be presented to the homeroom teacher on the day of the return.  The card will be sent home with the child’s homework.  Excuses are on file for the school year.

Absent students will be required to make up work missed in each class.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all work from the teacher(s).  Students/parents must arrange to have homework sent home during absences at the
beginning of the school year.  Failure to obtain make-up work is no excuse for not doing missed work.

Regulations and Requirements:

All absences are either excused or unexcused.  The mere fact that a parent has sent a written explanation to the school does not necessarily mean that the absence is “excused”.

Three unexcused absences will result in a truancy citation filed with the magistrate.

Ten accrued absences will result in a physician’s excuse for each subsequent absence for the remainder of the year.

Any student missing more than thirty school days without this waiver will be retained in the present grade for the next school year.

Tardiness in School

All students who are not in their assigned homeroom when the bell rings at 8:30 AM shall be considered tardy and must report to the office with a written excuse.  (If for any reason a school bus is late, the students will not be considered tardy.) The only excusable reason for being tardy to school is a doctor or dentist appointment that cannot be scheduled after school.

A child is tardy if he/she arrives later than 8:30 AM.  If a child arrives after 10:30 AM, he/she will be considered absent for half the day.

If a child leaves before 1:30 PM, for any reason, he/she will be considered absent for half the day.

Students may have three excused tardies per year.  Verification from the doctor or dentist is required.  Tardies for all other reasons are not acceptable excuses.

Early Dismissals

Sometimes it becomes necessary that a child leave school early due to dentist or doctor appointments.  If a child leaves early for any given reason, it is the parents/students responsibility to do the following:

Send in a written note to the teacher and the office stating your child will be picked up at a certain time.  Please indicate who will be picking the child up.  This person is to report to the office via the Hutchinson Avenue entrance in order to sign in/out the child.  A sign-out book is outside the office door.  Please do not call the school office with such information unless it is an emergency doctor’s appointment.  We need this information in writing for the safety of the children.

It is the child’s responsibility to go to each teacher that he/she will be missing to ask if there is any work to be made up that evening.  Work not made up is an infraction of the homework policy.