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Hello parents and friends.  I like to do my part to help keep you updated as to what we are doing here in the library at Saint Patrick.  You will find a link to monthly newsletters for you to read.  You will get a chance to find out about the books we read, as well as the activities we do in class.  I do my best to provide some pictures when available and appropriate.  Thank you for letting me share in your child’s education, and I hope you find the newsletters interesting and worthwhile.

God bless you and your families,

Ms. Mary Miller

Monthly Library Newsletters:

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Information for Scholastic Book Orders:

A flyer will be sent home each month with your child to providing them with the opportunity to order books from Scholastic. This flyer will only contain a small subset of the books available. A complete listing can be found at:

Click here for information regarding ordering online, including the Class Activation Code. Ordering online helps both you and the school earn coupons and free books!