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St Patrick School offers a handful of extracurricular activities to various age groups such as season programs and an instrumental band program.

Seasonal Programs

Developing the fine arts is an essential part of the curriculum.  Students at each level are given the opportunity to express themselves with singing, acting and art work.  Opportunities include but are not limited to:  para liturgies, mass, holiday presentations, Christmas program, H.S.A. presentations, Field Day and School Dances.


Throughout the school year the students are encouraged to enter various contests offered by local organizations and schools in the city and state.  These include spelling bee, science fair, computer, essay, and safety poster contests.  awards will be presented in church following our weekly student liturgy.  Most recently, Lindy Spear won the Canonsburg Hospital Thanksgiving Essay contest.  Lindy won a Savings Bond.

Altar Servers

Boys and girls beginning in grade three may choose to be altar servers with the permission of their parent or guardian.  The parent is asked to support their child by transporting him/her on assigned service days.  The students are trained by the pastor or his appointed helper.  If a student cannot attend her/his assigned time, he/she must call another student to take his/her place.  All students are encouraged to substitute willingly when asked.

Instrumental Band

An instrumental teacher is available to school students.  The schedule is determined by the number of students taking lessons.  The teacher is provided on private contractual basis between the parents and the music teacher.  There is a total yearly fee that can be paid in monthly or bi-monthly installments at the beginning of the payment period.

After achieving a level of proficiency, the instructor can recommend your child to audition for the Diocesan Honors Band.  The administration fee enables your child to participate in the Diocesan functions.  Students also have the use of band music provided by the Program for use at concerts in their school.

There is typically a Winter and a Spring band concert.

Field Trips

The students get to take field trips at various times throughout the year.  The field trips are always purposeful and grade specific.  In the past the Third and Fourth Grade classes have visited Meadowcroft Village in Avella, PA.  The unit of study was completed in conjunction with the unit on Pennsylvania History. The children visited and experienced the life of a student in the early 1900’s by visiting a one room school house.

Other field trips include the students in grades 5-8 visiting the Carnegie Science Center and the students in Grades 1-8 attending the American Indian Pow Wow at Heritage Park in McDonald, PA.

It is an annual tradition that during National Fire Prevention Week the first graders visit the Canonsburg Fire Station.

Drama Club

Drama Club is offered to boys/girls in grades 4-8.  The drama club meets after school on Wednesdays.  On December 18, 2009 the Drama Club presented the Night Before Christmas to the school and their families.

Student Council

Student Council elections are held each fall.  Children in grades 3-8 are permitted to run for these officer seats.  Anyone can run with the signature of a parent or guardian, the principal and 4 other students.  Each class elects one
officer.  Mrs. Zinn runs the Student Council program.  The officers assist in school programs and fundraisings.

2010 Student Council Officers:

Grade 3:   Jennifer Burton

Grade 4:  Darcy Adreon and Lexie Zaugg

Grade 5:   C.J. O’Shell and Claire Hammell

Grade 6:  Amanda Naser, Leeanna Marra and Molly Hillebrand

Grade 7:  Colleen Bench and Sara Drain

Grade 8:  Ethan Marra, Nick Burton, Sierra Strnisa and Lisa Hornak