Saint Patrick School would like to welcome all new and returning students and their families. Enjoy the rest of this blessed summer and we look forward to seeing all of you on the first day of school, 8/28 :-)


Pre-Kindergarten is an all-day program that prepares four and five old children with a quality early educational experience with a focus on math, reading, and social development.  This is an all-day Monday through Friday full time class. The staff consists of a PA certified teacher in elementary/early childhood education and a classroom aide.  The class size does not exceed 20 students.  The Pre-K program follows the PA learning standards for early childhood with a curriculum that consists of reading and math readiness; social, fine and gross motor skill enhancement; a gospel based religion program; music, library and physical education classes.  In our Pre-Kindergarten class, we strive to ensure that every child is provided with a nurturing and positive environment where little minds learn big things!


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