Thank you for supporting the Thanksgiving Food Drive - your generosity was overwhelming!...Thanksgiving Break will be from November 22nd through November resumes on Tuesday, 11/28...."We must begin with thanksgiving for everything. The beginning of joy is to be content with your situation."~St. Ambrose of Optina


Pre-Kindergarten is an all-day program that prepares four and five old children with a quality early educational experience with a focus on math, reading, and social development.  This is an all-day Monday through Friday full time class. The staff consists of a PA certified teacher in elementary/early childhood education and a classroom aide.  The class size does not exceed 20 students.  The Pre-K program follows the PA learning standards for early childhood with a curriculum that consists of reading and math readiness; social, fine and gross motor skill enhancement; a gospel based religion program; music, library and physical education classes.  In our Pre-Kindergarten class, we strive to ensure that every child is provided with a nurturing and positive environment where little minds learn big things!