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Diocesan Testing

Testing is an important part of the formal education of the child.  The Diocesan Testing Program consists of a variety of tests which help the Administrator and Teacher(s) determine a child’s readiness for formal education, his/her aptitude and capacity for learning, strengths and weaknesses in specific subjects, as well as his/her academic achievement.  The tests are reviewed and updated periodically by the Diocesan Testing Committee, under the guidance of the Director of Testing.

The Testing program for our school includes:

  • A Screening Test will be administered to students prior to entering Kindergarten.
  • DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) is an assessment that is administered to students in Grades K – 3; designed for use in identifying children experiencing difficulty in acquisition of basic early literacy skills in order to provide support early and prevent the occurrence of later reading difficulties.
  • The IOWA Achievement Test, Diocesan approved, is administered to students in grades 2-8 to assess competency in subject areas.  Test results report growth as well as student expectancy levels of achievement.
  • The IOWA Cognitive Test is administered in conjunction with the Achievement Tests in grades 2, 4, & 6.  This test reports the child’s capacity to learn.
  • Any Achievement Tests that are mandated by the state.
  • A Diagnostic Evaluation Instrument that accompanies the reading and math textbook to be used after each instructional unit.
  • A Writing Assessment is administered to students in Grades K-8.  This allows students to respond to a writing prompt and organize content, develop a style and follow standard conventions.
  • Teacher-Made Tests administered throughout the school year to assess the students’ growth in each subject area.

The results of the tests contribute to instructional planning and students’ grouping.  Test results are studied and used by staff to improve understanding of students’ needs and achievement and to update the instructional program of the school.