The St. Patrick School Night at the Races was a great success! Thank you to everyone who helped in any way!...."I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples." ~ Mother Teresa

Mission Statement & Philosophy of School


Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Patrick School is to promote the educational goals of the Catholic Church by teaching our students the gospel message of loving and serving others.  Our Christian values are paramount as we foster the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and physical development of our students. We are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and to providing our students with the knowledge and critical skills essential for life-long learning.



Philosophy of School

We are called by personal vocation and the Christian community of St. Patrick School to share in the teaching ministry of Jesus; to aid Parents/Guardians in educating their children; to provide the opportunity for each child to acquire a healthy self-concept by developing one’s mental ability, and spiritual, moral and social values; and to allow each child to progress according to one’s own ability in a Catholic environment.


Through this development comes the realization that rights comes with responsibilities, that each person is an asset to society, and as children of God, all human beings are unique and worthy of respect.