Saint Patrick School would like to welcome all new and returning students and their families. Enjoy the rest of this blessed summer and we look forward to seeing all of you on the first day of school, 8/28 :-)

Mission Statement

We are called by personal vocations and the Christian Community of St. Patrick School to share in the teaching ministry of Jesus:  to aid parents in educating their children; to provide the opportunity and values (social, moral and spiritual) and to allow him/her to progress according to his/her own ability in a Catholic environment.

Through this development comes the realization that with rights come responsibilities.  Each child is an asset to society, and all human beings are unique and worthy of respect.

In view of the fact that the Philosophy of St. Patrick School addresses itself to the development of the whole person – spiritual, intellectual, social and physical – it follows that this philosophy must also be implemented in these four areas.

Spiritually, we recognize that it is in the Gospel of Christ that the Catholic school find its definition as it comes to terms with the cultural conditions of the times.  We seek to impart the basic scriptural, doctrinal, moral and social beliefs of the Catholic Church.  We participate in the Visions and Values program of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, focusing on one of the eight Gospel values each year for reflection, application and celebration.  These values include community, faith, hope, reconciliation, courage, service, justice and love.  Instruction in religious truth and values is an integral part of the school program.  It is not one more subject alongside the rest, but the underlying reality.

Intellectually, our objective is to provide a rigorous academic curriculum that encourages critical reasoning and creativity.  In addition to core curriculum that includes religion, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and computer, St. Patrick School provides fine arts experiences in music, art, and foreign language classes.  To meet the needs of each age level we arrange for the pre-school through grade four to be self-contained and grades five through eight to be departmental.

Socially, since all students desire a feeling of connectedness, St. Patrick’s provides opportunities for cooperation among students, faculty, staff and parents.  We also provide opportunities for students to be involved in the parish and community through a variety of service projects such as writing holiday cards to shut-ins.

Physically, we offer instruction in religion, health, physical education and science classes so that all the students will gain a respect for all of the knowledge necessary for the maintenance of their own physical and mental well being.  Physical education classes provide avenues for both cooperative and competitive interactions.  Extracurricular activities, including basketball, bowling, and cheerleading, offer occasions for physical growth and development.