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Homeroom Parents

Homeroom Parents are a big part of the environment at Saint Patrick School.  Each year the school asks one parent to volunteer for each of the homeroom  classes at the school.  As part of your duties as a Homeroom Parent you will be asked to do the following:

  • Organize and decorate a tree/wreath from your homeroom for the Ladies Tea Fall Event.
  • Help organize and participate in parties for your homeroom class.
  • Organize a package/auction item from your homeroom for the Spring Dinner & Auction event.
  • And more!!!

Thank you to all the Homeroom Parents from past years, to our current Homeroom Parents, and to those of you who will become Homeroom parents in the future.  Your participation helps to make a Saint Patrick education a memorable experience for all.


Below is the list of 2014/2015 Homeroom Parents

8th grade – Kathleen Bench

7th grade – Kathleen Bench

6th grade – Nancy Adreon

5th grade – Ivana Gazarik

4th grade – Renee Hillebrand

3rd grade – Kacey Marra

2nd grade – Renee Christopher

1st grade – Kristin Beam and Mrs. Watson

Kindergarten A – Jennifer Hortsman and Lisa Dvorak as a helper

Kindergarten B – Emily Bova

Pre-Kindergarten –  ???  and Misti Kolovich as a helper

Pre-4 AM – Lauren Dooley

Pre-3 AM – Kim Brown