Join us for our first PTG meeting and Open House on Wednesday, September 13th at 7 PM in the School Cafeteria.......Field Day is on Friday, September 15th - wear your field day shirt and bring a water bottle!

Parent Teacher Guild (PTG)

St. Patrick Parent Teacher Guild is the link connecting our parents with the faculty and our students.  The primary goal of St. Patrick Parent Teacher Guild is to raise money for our subsidy.  For the 2017-18 academic year, our subsidy is $90,000.  While this seems like an insurmountable goal, the members of the PTG work diligently and constantly to raise these funds with the hope that the money raised will help to better our school and further the education of our children.

The PTG is led by an Executive Board of it’s members.  This Board is made up of a President, Treasurer, Secretary and Event Director.  Together with Mrs. Osekowski, Principal and our Pastor, Father Jack Batykefer, the Board meets every month to come up with innovative and fresh ideas to raise money, while keeping the financial fundraising burden of our school families to a minimum.

Electing New Members:  Elections for new Board members are held every spring.  St. Patrick school follows the Diocese-By-Laws and the term for all positions shall be for one year beginning the first day of July and ending the last day of June.

The current members of the St. Patrick Board are:

PTG Officers/Positions:

Co-Presidents:  Patricia Roche and  Anthony Aloe

Vice-President: Jeana Feehery

Treasurer:  Lisa Fleming

Secretary:  Leslie Miller

Informational Liaison: Amy Hancq

Chairpersons and Events:

Unicycles:  **Position Open**

Web-Site: Liz Smith

Box Tops for Education:  Nancy Adreon

Sarris Candy Sales:  **Position Open**

Gertrude Hawk: **Position Open**

St. Patrick Gala : Erin Falconi

Festival School Volunteers:  Leslie Miller

Football Blocks:  Lucy and Matt Binotto

Ladies Tea: **Position Open**

Lenten Fish Fry Volunteers:  Amy Hancq

Sam’s Pizza Hoagie Sales:  Emily Bova